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Only support PNG&JPG, less than 3M,300-800px;Images taken from the front only;For wallpaper&wall art section.

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About the designs

1.What do I get after purchasing?

You will get the source file of this design.

2.How can I get this design?

After purchase, you can download the source file in "My orders".

3.How about the delivery, can it be delivered to India/Turkey/Russia?

We don't sell physical wallpapers,our products are design source files. After purchase you can download directly.

4.How much per foot/meter ?

We don't sell physical wallpapers,our products are design source files. And the price on the webpage is the authorized price of this design.

5.I like this design, but its size / dpi doesn't fit me. What should I do?

A:You can contact us to describe your requirements. We will contact the designer for you.

6.I like this design, but I cannot print myself. What should I do?

we have partners in various countries who may be able to help you. View manufacturer.

7.I downloaded the work, but it doesn't match the description. What should I do?

You can click the report button and describe your situation. We will verify and give you feedback in time.

1. How do I register?

You can register via email or social account. Example: if you sign up through Google, you also sign in through Google later.

2.What if I forget my account password?

If you are sure that you registered by email.You can click "forget your password" in the login popup to reset your login password by your email.

3.Where can I see the designs I bought?

The design source files you purchased will be recorded in "My orders". You can download the source files you purchased in this page.

4.How can I provide my designs to PIKOCEAN?

Currently, the designs are uploaded by the designers in China , and the uploading function for other countries is still in preparation. So you may need to wait for some time. But you can contact us. We'll record that and let you know when it's ready.

1.Is it possible to support currencies other than the US dollar?

Sorry, currently PIKOCEAN only supports payment in US dollar. But we will offer more acceptable currencies in the future.

2.Why can't I use coupons?

The following situations may result in the failure to use coupons:
1. The coupon has expired;
2. The coupon has been bound to an unpaid order. You can check it in "My orders".
3. Coupons cannot be used when buying previews package;
4. Some coupons cannot be used when purchasing multiple designs.

3.How can I purchase more than one design at a time?

You can add the designs you like to the shopping cart, select the designs you want to buy in the shopping cart, and click "buy now".

4.What payment methods are supported?

You can pay with your Visa/Master card on the Checkout page, or you can pay with your PayPal account or credit card on the PayPal page.

1.What's a preview?

Preview is a small picture which can be used as displaying on the website or making product brochures.But the previews is not clear enough for printing.

2.How do I find the file of the preview?

You find the preview in these ways:
1.You can view your download history in “My preview”;
2.You can search by preview file name;
3.Try our search by image tool.

3.What if I’ve repeatedly downloaded the same preview?

If you have downloaded the same preview before, you will not be charged twice.

4.Why do some previews still have watermarks?

First, make sure you don’t download Basis previews.Then,there will be a small amount of designer watermarks in the premium previews.Please do not worry, these are designers’ personal brand trademarks. In this case, please contact us for processing.

1.Where does the design come from?

The design is uploaded by the designers.

2.How can I report someone who sells my work?

Click "report" button on the details page of the designs, submit the link of the original works and your evidence (you can see the details in Copyright), we will verify with the uploader and deal with it.

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You can get a coupon every time you make a purchase this month. The more designs you purchase, the bigger coupons you can get.

The relationship between the coupon amount and the number of purchased designs is as follows.

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1. The statistical cycle of daily-checkin and purchase times is each natural month

2. Daily-checkin times indicate your total check-in times during this month, which will be emptied once this month ends. You can only check-in one time for one day.

3. Clients who get big discounts via buying in bulk won't get these discount coupons.

4. Pikocean will adjust the discount of next month according to the operation situation.Pikocean reserves the right of final interpretation for this promotion.